? Should the Western countries intervene in the civil war in Syria

believe that the war in Syria is a representation of the imbalance of political and economic interests in the Middle East region. The Syrians pay the price of war between the dictatorial regime and the radical Islamicopposition.Revolutions do not always give birth to freedom

Violence continues to sweep across Aleppo

We witnessed several previous models of western military intervention in the Middle East such as Iraq and Afghanistan where the results were always discouraging

Democracy is a complex political, social and cultural form, where wars have achieved nothing for  people in the region

Strange reality that the United States is fighting al-Qaida in its territory in Afghanistan and Iraq, where on the other hand eager to support it in Syria.

No real solutions in Syria. People got stuck between the dictatorial regime and the radical Islamic opposition

Finally, the democracy in the Middle East is not a tricky puzzle. It is a puzzle with manufacturing defects


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