End of Journalism and death of Journalists

his is the industry of media and press, a unique industry in which the variables of the “market” precedes the university lesson that these variables give, and the prediction/ products of the accumulated experiences labs in the deep-rooted media institutions

The contest and increase of the tools of this “craft” and its impacts on the current events is really raising concerns especially to those working in the same field and also to those influenced with the events whether politicians, society people or ordinary people. Those who found themselves – without any premises – journalists and media, participating effectively in making the news and its back scenes. Consequently the classic journalists lose accumulate every day and everywhere

As much as the field of media and press advances, gets bigger, complicated, extended and interlocked. And as much as it gets involved in both “the political” and “the economic” fields, its management becomes harder, and understanding and directing it becomes more complicated. And since media as an industry became attached and interlocked with technology which is its supporter and main incubator, it is now necessary to notice/ investigate and understand this complicated case that includes the rapidity of essential stages and transformations, but even to pay attention to our involvement as journalists in these new leaps which appear that it won’t give us enough time to understand the nature, meaning and results of what is going on

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